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Steele Luxury Travel Announces Exclusive Life Ball Package to Vienna

April 18, 2017

by Cassandra Valentin

Life Ball is Europe’s largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser and perhaps the most extravagant party in the world. The event is held in Vienna’s iconic City Hall and brilliantly combines the most creative and talented facets of fashion, art and music.

After a year-long hiatus, the Life Ball is back and bigger...

Destinations: Thailand // Water, Water Everywhere – Songkran

April 10, 2017

by Dane Steele Green

Philadelphia has the Mummers Parade, Rio de Janiero has Carnevale, Hong Kong has Chinese New Year. A select handful of cities in the world have celebrations unique to them, ones that they have either invented or have made their own to such a degree no one else can compete. The most recent addition to this rarified list is Bangkok....

Alaska Airlines & Virgin America to Begin East Coast Service

April 6, 2017

by Donald Wood

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America announced Wednesday that they would be introducing three new daily, non-stop services to help connect the East Coast and the West Coast.

The new flights will link Portland, Oregon, and New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport starting Nov. 6; Portland and Detroit Metropolitan...

Destinations: Quebec // Le Beau Nord – an LGBT look

April 3, 2017

by Dane Steele Green

So you’re a Francophile. The boys! The food! The…no, that’s it.

Oh, well, yeah — Paris and all that. But there’s this thing about Paris. And Marseille. And Bordeaux. And the Loire Valley. Can you say “sticker shock?” No offense to France, or to the rest of the Eurozone, but...

Destinations: Colombia // Emerald City

March 29, 2017

by Dane Steele Green

If Colombia has a problem, it is reputation. Back in the 70’s through to the early 90’s, the country was downright dangerous for everybody. Drug cartels and a particularly vicious civil war birthed the idea the country was in a permanent tailspin and that foreigners would be shot on site if not kidnapped, ransomed for a fortune,...

Delta to Offer New Route from New York City to Rio

March 28, 2017

by Donald Wood

Beginning on Dec. 21, Delta Air Lines will offer a new daily nonstop flight between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

While the new route is still subject to United States Department of Transportation approval, the proposal will help Delta Air Lines and its partner GOL...

Marriott to Open a New Hotel Every 14 Hours for Three Years

March 23, 2017

by Patrick Clarke

Marriott International is eyeing tremendous growth over the remainder of the decade, expecting to open at least one hotel every 14 hours around the world during the next three-year period.

The Bethesda, Maryland-based hotel giant unveiled an ambitious three-year growth...

Huffington Post: Looking Ahead into Travel Trends

March 22, 2017

by Dane Steele Green

Looking Ahead

Instagram is six years old, Twitter is 10; Expedia began in 1996, Princeline in 1997. Twenty years ago, the Internet came into its own, connecting buyers to brands in ways unthinkable in the 80s. A whole generation has had major technology as close as a computer,...

Destinations: Delos // Island of the Gods

March 20, 2017

by Dane Steele Green

So here is the myth: the island of Delos was never rooted to the seafloor. Rather, it floated. This transient existence lasted right up until the very heavily pregnant Titan Leto showed up and gave birth to Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the hunt, and Apollo, God of the Sun and music. Then all sorts of stuff happened.


Destinations: Central Park // A Walk In The Park

March 9, 2017

by Dane Steele Green

It’s the lung of Manhattan, but if you think Central Park is just a green space with some ponds, you clearly have not been to it.

Reaching from 5th to 8th Avenue, and from 59th Street up to 110th, Central Park initially wasn’t even supposed to exist. In 1811, and way before it was completely...

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